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We feel that the Bengali community is a rapidly growing community in Southern California. BASC represents a significant portion of the Bengalis in Southern California.

  • From time to time many people face difficulties ( health related or otherwise).
  • The community is maturing and children are moving out.
  • New families are moving in.

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While in all these cases references and friends are able to help out; it is always a better option for people to be able to reach out to BASC as an organization for help; who can then refer these to our group of volunteers. BASC represents more than just a cultural and social organization. We see ourselves as being community minded and hence have an established outreach group that can help people if help is needed. The help comes with certain limitations and restrictions of course, due to liability issues and available time to volunteer. In this endeavor, we will reach out to other groups who interact largely with our membership base such as Dakshini, Vedanta Temple of Hollywood and BSS.
Having said this if someone from outside the community requires help, we will be happy to provide services provided we are able to staff enough volunteers for this effort.

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  • Elderly care -to provide support to elders who may require some companionship or help driving to doctors or grocery. We are anticipating about 2-3 hours care each time, not to exceed twice a week.
  • Illness support- provides service to family or patient on an as needed basis. We feel for protracted illnesses, it becomes hard for family members to be dependent on close group for friends, but with a volunteer program we hope to be able to consistently provide as required service.
  • New families support and family support-When families first arrive, they need logistical help. Our goal is to help them in whatever way they require. On rare occasions, there may be incidents within the family environment that will require a higher level of intervention (domestic violence, special needs issues etc) for which the Steering Committee of the volunteer organization may have to get involved.
  • Establish a Young Adult (ages 13 and above) arm of the Volunteer Organization under the leadership of the Volunteer Coordinators by region who will receive credit and signoffs for hours volunteered.


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